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How Our Method Works For You!

When you work with MetaCreditUSA, you will receive one of the most aggressive services available, but one size does not fill all. So here are different levels to fit your personal situation.

  • STEP 1. Creditor, Collections and Credit Bureau Demand Letters

    Most companies are limited to generic credit bureau disputes, goodwill or simple validation requests. MetaCreditUSA, exceeds this in its very first step, using pre-litigation enhanced credit bureau disputes, directly engages the creditors and audits their compliance information for your account.

  • STEP 2. Regulatory Complaints and Intent To Sue Notices

    Here regulatory complaints against the bureaus, creditors and collectors are filed, who are also served impending litigation notices to force deletion of accounts and late payments.

  • STEP 3. Attorney Intervention and Lawsuit filings

    Finally based on discoverable violations, our associate attorneys will engage the creditors or credit bureaus to demand deletion and will file lawsuits when necessary.