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Have you experienced frustration, anger, disappointment and been treated unfairly by certain types of businesses such as Banks, Creditors, Car Dealerships, Internet or Cell Phone companies, Etc ? Trying to remove negative items from your credit report such as Charge-Offs, Late Payments, Repossessions, but getting no results?

We specialize with investigating charged off accounts, repossessions, and more so you can buy a home, new car, get financing, and more.

How our Unique Process Works...



Consult with a Repair Specialist at MetaCredit

Our Credit Specialists will audit your reports.
We’ll find where the reporting mistakes that are on your reports and explain what needs to happen to get your scores up.


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We’ll help you pick the right plan for your situation to help you meet your credit goals!


We challenge any and all misreporting, incorrect and inconsistent information between all 3 credit bureaus.

We’ll take aggressive action to challenge any and all account information on your reports.
We’ll make the creditors and credit bureaus adhere to the credit laws both at the federal and state and remove old accounts.


You see results from our credit repair work.

You see the results from our unique cutting edge method.
We’ll work with Attorneys to defend and protect your consumer rights if we cannot get the accounts removed ourselves.


Pricing begins at $149.99 depending on your situation. We don't offer the typical credit repair services. We have a Pay after the work is completed program also. We guarantee you results or your money back!

Credit Repair Services
Credit Repair Pricing
Credit Repair Services
Free Credit Repair help

Free Credit Help

Understanding the basics of your consumer rights is necessary to get ahead. Avoid repeating the same mistakes through greater understanding. You may be able to fix your own credit score or solve your consumer issues using Arbitration or small claims.